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Arash - Pure Love (feat. Helena) download song in mp3 free, listen to online
Download song: Arash - Pure Love (feat. Helena)

Arash - Pure Love (feat. Helena)

Artist: Arash
Album: Donya (2008)
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Genre: Ethnic
Filesize: 4.61
Bitrate: 199 kbps
Duration: 3:14

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Lyric song Arash - Pure Love (feat. Helena)

This was just meant to be
You are coming back to me
cause, this is pure love
cause, this is pure love

Mikham to vaghty khaby
Kenareh to beshinam
Ageh yeh vaght khabam bord
Baz khabeh toro bebinam

Atreh .......

Lyryc song Pure Love (feat. Helena) full

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Pure Love (feat. Helena)
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Comments to the song Arash - Pure Love (feat. Helena)
niRvana   02.02.2014 05:27
Best song forever <3
8763660608   14.12.2013 12:41
I like it
sumit.kahar.   02.12.2013 18:03
the very best and nice song
yasezard   10.04.2013 02:41
i love you arash, you are best thanks
fecbook   15.11.2012 21:39
i love this song. i love it soooooooooooooooooooo qut
google   15.10.2012 20:23
i like song
facebook   09.10.2012 21:18
Such a nice song
malaka91   25.11.2011 09:11
i love arash
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