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Negative download mp3 free. Negative - songs and albums.
Genre: Gothic
Welcome to the section of Negative music on this website On our mp3 website you can download for free all Negative songs and Negative albums. The first album is Neon (2010), and the last album is War Of Love (2003). Especially we recommends listen to this albums: Neon.
Album Year Number of tracks
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2010 12
War Of Love
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2003 11

Popular songs artist Negative

Title / ArtistDurationSize (Mb)Bitrate
Love That I Lost 3:57 3.62 128 kbps download
No One Can Save Me Tonight 4:42 4.31 128 kbps download
Believe 4:11 3.82 128 kbps download
Lost Soul 4:07 5.66 192 kbps download
End Of The Line 4:20 8.16 256 kbps download
Blood On Blood 3:57 3.62 128 kbps download
The Moment Of Our Love 3:48 5.22 192 kbps download
Inspiration 3:07 4.28 192 kbps download
Celestial Summer 4:07 3.76 128 kbps download
1000 Nails In My Heart 3:55 5.39 192 kbps download
Goodbye 3:37 4.97 192 kbps download
Jealous Sky 4:39 4.26 128 kbps download
Kiss of Hope 5:27 4.99 128 kbps download
F g Worthless 4:58 4.54 128 kbps download
Neon Rain 3:47 3.46 128 kbps download
Misery 2:45 3.78 192 kbps download
Naive 3:30 4.81 192 kbps download
After All 3:28 4.86 192 kbps download
Bleeding 3:02 4.17 192 kbps download
Last Hero 4:08 5.68 192 kbps download
Одиночные песни исполнителя Negative
Name / artistDurationSize (Mb)Bitrate
Ничего не найдено

Video Negative

1000 Nails in My Heart

1000 nails in my heart

A Devil on My Shoulder

A Song For The Broken Hearted

About My Sorrow

After All

After all

An Ornament

Angel's Won't Lie

Angels Won't Lie




Blood on blood

Blood on Blood

Celestial Summer

Celestial Summer

Creeping Inside

Days I'm Living For

Dream Flowers

Dying Feelings

Embracing Past

End Of The Line

Fading Yourself

Frozen To Loose It All

Frozen to Lose It All

Fucking Worthless

Giving Up !

Giving Up!

Glory Of The Shame



Gravity Of Love


In Memoriam (Immortal Peace)

In Memoriam (live)

In My Heaven

In My Heaven (Live)




Ja Bih Te Sanjala

Jealous Sky

Jealous Sky

Kaukaisimmalle Rannalle

Kaukaisimmalle Rannalle (Acoustic)

Kiss Of Hope

Kiss Of Hope

L.A. Feeding Fire

Last Hero

Last Hero

Locked In The Dark Side

Lost in America

Lost Soul

Lost Soul

Love That I Lost

Love That I Lost

Loving You

Lust N' Needs



Misery (demo)

Moment of our love

Motherfucker (Just Like You)

My My/Hey Hey (live)

My My/Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)

My personal sensitivity



Naive (live)

Neon Rain

Neverending Parade

No one can save me tonight

No One Can Save Me Tonight

Od Stakla

One Last Shot


Planet Of The Sun



Secret Forgiveness

Since You've Been Gone

Sinner's night/misty morning

Sinners Night/Misty Morning

Sinners' Night / Misty Morning


Spusti me na zemlju

Still Alive

Still Alive

Still Alive (live)



The Moment Of Our Love

The Moment Of Our Love

The Moment Of Our Love (Acoustic Version)

Too much love will kill you

Until You Are Mine

Until You`re Mine

We Can't Go On


Won't Let Go

Won’t Let Go

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